Water Baptism

What is a
water baptism?

After repenting of one’s sins and receiving Christ’s gift of salvation, Fellowship encourages obedience to the Lord’s command of Water Baptism by immersion (Mt. 28:18-19). This act symbolically declares that a believer’s old sinful life died with Christ and that a new spiritual life with Christ has been raised. Therefore, in order to be considered for baptism, a person’s life should reflect their new life in Christ and their commitment to obeying his Word.

When can I be baptized?

Baptism is held every 4th Sunday of the month at 10:00am.

How can I participate?

Adults and children are welcome. You will need to contact Membership Services to register prior to being water baptized. Adults are encouraged to attend our STARTING POINT class.  Starting Point, consisting of two sessions, is designed to guide and grow every new member and place them on the path to maturity.

Class will be held EVERY SUNDAY (no 5
th Sunday Class) inside the Conference Room located on the 3rd floor from 9:00am-9:45am.

1 White Swimming Cap
1 White Towel
1 White Slip or Leggings
1 Set of Under Garments for change after Baptism
1 Plastic Bag for wet clothing
1 Pair of White Socks

1 White Towel
1 White Tee Shirt (solid white)
1 Pair of Dark Slacks
1 Plastic bag for wet clothing
1 Set of Under Garments
1 Pair of White Socks

Register  to sign up for our next baptism service. If you would like more information please email  or call 773-373-8530.